2018 TCMC A Cappela COmpetition Documentary

- performed by The Loft, filmed by Martin Lucy

Justin Lo's Medley

- performed by Justin Lo, Joey Yung, Kelly Chen; Produced by DJ Lōmo

Mañana Mañana

- performed by Jonas Suni; Keyboard by Daan Meijers; Produced by DJ Lōmo

The Journey

- performed by Joyce's Commencement Ensemble; flute by Martin Lucy

268 Gray Street

- Performed by David Duncal Yandell

Rearranged & Performed by David Duncan Yandell

Produced by Stephen Anthony Haiden

Engineered by Martin Lucy

If I Ever Fall In Love

- performed by Voice Machine

Lead 1 - George Lowndes
Tenor/Lead 2- Samarth Srinivasan
Alto - Keturah A. Brown
Soprano - Alexis Colett
Bass/ VP - Martin Lucy
Ableton Push - Kyle Brookes

Recording Engineer: Arjun Roy
Producer: Martin Lucy
Mixing Engineer: Martin Lucy
Mastering Engineer: Tejaswi Gorti
Filming: AJ Ramirez & Julia Gi
Video Editing: Julia Gi & Martin Lucy

Demons Cover

- Performed by Wasted Parakeet

Lead: Sean Goldman 

Beatbox & Harmony: Martin Lucy 

Engineer: Martin Lucy

Violet Hills

- Performed by Wasted Parakeet

Medley 2012

- Performed by sTRInger

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